Hosted by Bankview Apartments, Feed the Hungry & The Mustard Seed Calgary

Raised: $54,725.00|Goal: $100,000

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We are honoured to be hosting CNOY in Calgary for the fourth year. Our three agency partnership means hundreds of lives impacted in one event. Will you join us to Walk for those experiencing poverty and homelessness in Calgary?



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Lead Sponsor
Printcor Inc.
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CB Marketing & Brokerage Sales
CB Marketing & Brokerage Sales
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Knox United Church
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Check out even more on the Calgary Scoreboard. And hey, you should register to walk with us too!

1Homes by Avi
Captain: Charlene Francis
$5,000.00 | 4 Members
2CS Church & City Hikers (Calgary)
Captain: Rick Young
$3,550.00 | 6 Members
3Foothills Lutheran
Captain: Barb Refvik
$2,805.00 | 7 Members
4Anglicans on themove
Captain: Marlene Wiens
$2,530.00 | 9 Members
5Walking with Hillhurst United
Captain: Larry Pearce
$2,225.00 | 4 Members
6The Chill Team
Captain: Katharine Heimbigner-Tenor
$1,925.00 | 19 Members
7Westminster Walkers
Captain: Deirdre Harris
$1,855.00 | 6 Members
8VAPC Dynamos
Captain: John Douglas Hey
$1,570.00 | 9 Members
9KPMG Calgary
Captain: Olaf Paulus
$1,465.00 | 1 Members
10Mikey's Walk of Hope
Captain: Alyssa Demeria
$1,425.00 | 5 Members
11Companions Making Footprints
Captain: Lisa Gilead
$1,355.00 | 6 Members
12Cathedral Church of the Redeemer
Captain: Helen Dunn
$1,350.00 | 14 Members
13Grace Presbyterian Go - Getters
Captain: Lesley Lee
$1,220.00 | 6 Members
14Friends Making a Difference
Captain: Katherine Kinch
$1,125.00 | 7 Members
15James's Birthday Brigade
Captain: James D'Mello
$1,100.00 | 2 Members
16Families on Mission
Captain: Lance Hofer
$1,000.00 | 4 Members
17St Bonaventure Snow-Ventures
Captain: Lorraine Clark
$990.00 | 5 Members
18Alberta Party - Calgary
Captain: Omar Masood
$895.00 | 12 Members
19New Friends
Captain: Susan Tripp
$815.00 | 4 Members
20Parkdale United Church
Captain: Heidemarie Schroter
$760.00 | 4 Members
21Centennial Centipedes
Captain: Reuben Flim
$720.00 | 10 Members
22Sunday Night Stompers
Captain: Vic Fitch
$670.00 | 4 Members
23All Saints Marching On
Captain: Maya Charlebois Jacobsen
$670.00 | 8 Members
24First Baptist Church, Calgary
Captain: Hilary Meakin
$665.00 | 2 Members
25Walking Dead
Captain: Geovanny Rodriguez
$560.00 | 4 Members
26The Dynamic Duo - St. Martins and Knox Presbyterian
Captain: Laura Wieler
$490.00 | 8 Members
27St. Giles
Captain: Joan McLean
$465.00 | 4 Members
28Saint Patty Walkers
Captain: Dcn. Albert Riendeau
$450.00 | 5 Members
Captain: Brittany Vine
$400.00 | 3 Members
30Ice Breakers
Captain: Nelson Boychuk
$385.00 | 2 Members
31Holy Name Cares
Captain: Brad Perry
$325.00 | 3 Members
32Springbank Cottage Child Cares
Captain: Kathy Anderson
$295.00 | 7 Members
33Winter Warriors - Calgary
Captain: Stacy Withrow
$295.00 | 2 Members
34FTH House Team
Captain: Samantha Jones
$280.00 | 1 Members
35SSVP: OLS Youth Conference
Captain: Lindsay Fagan
$265.00 | 1 Members
36Walking Humbly
Captain: Jared Miller
$250.00 | 8 Members
37Deer Park & St. Andrew's UC A Team
Captain: Donald Stiles
$245.00 | 2 Members
38Subzero Super Heros
Captain: Dawn Kloster
$195.00 | 4 Members
39The Seed Striders
Captain: Richard Deschenes
$175.00 | 6 Members
40St. Mary's Vincentians
Captain: Judi Gunter
$150.00 | 1 Members
41Heart and Sole
Captain: Michelle Somers
$100.00 | 3 Members
42Team GBC
Captain: Rik Jones
$75.00 | 3 Members
43Team Goose Bump
Captain: Liz Mackay
$55.00 | 2 Members
44Tim's Legacy
Captain: Margaret Downing
$50.00 | 5 Members
45Early Birds
Captain: Marta Edgar
$50.00 | 2 Members
46Team Eichmann
Captain: Jurgen Eichmann
$50.00 | 4 Members
47Grandin Ghosts
Captain: Christa King
$0.00 | 2 Members
Captain: Akersh Bahl
$0.00 | 23 Members
49Out for a W!
Captain: Kirsten Carson
$0.00 | 1 Members
Captain: Darryn Werth
$0.00 | 2 Members
51Alex's Birthday Squad
Captain: Beth Hoffman
$0.00 | 4 Members
52Client Action Committee
Captain: Madison Smith
$0.00 | 18 Members
Captain: Erin O'Brien
$0.00 | 3 Members
54Worst Pace Scenario
Captain: Khalil Al Arab
$0.00 | 1 Members
55Team Ralu
Captain: Tinuke Chineme
$0.00 | 3 Members
56Walk This Way
Captain: Paige Sholter
$0.00 | 3 Members
57Mom and daughter
Captain: Lindsey Dahl
$0.00 | 2 Members

WALK Day Details

We walk on February 25, 2017!

StartGoogle Map

Finish Google Map

Eau Claire Market

200 Barclay Parade SW




  • 4 pm - Registration opens
  • 5 pm - Opening Ceremonies
  • 5:15 pm - Walk begins (all distances)
  • 6 pm - Registration closes
  • 6pm - Meal service begins
  • 8 pm - Route closes, meal service ends

Between 6:00 and 8:00 pm a warm, light meal will be served to all walkers and volunteers.


Registration opens at 4:00 pm. All walkers must check-in and sign a waiver form before participating.

Please come prepared with:

  • All cash and cheques payable to "Coldest Night of the Year"
  • Pledge sheet with all donor data filled out completely and neatly OR
  • Post all pledges of cash and cheques online in your personal fundraising page and print off the "My Results Form" and bring with cash or cheques.
  • Bring a signed Waiver Form available online under TOOLS / FORMS on the main site.

Note: Walkers who raise $150 (adults) or $75 (youth aged 13-17) do NOT have to pay the $25 registration fee.

Route Details

Route Options include:

2 km walk

5km walk

10 km walk

Rest stops will be available on all routes.

Maps will be available at the Welcome Desk. All routes will be well signed.

Route marshalls, rest stop attendants, and sweep vehicle drivers will be available for support along the route.

All riders 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

What to Bring

Please bring:

  • any cash or cheques made out to "Coldest Night of the Year"
  • a completed pledge form or "My Results Form" to match the cash or cheques
  • a signed waiver form
  • good walking waterproof shoes/boots
  • warm coat & mitts

Come prepared while keeping an eye on the expected weather.


Contact Us

Bankview Apartments

Ben Crews Manager, Development
Phone: 403.718.8537

Feed the Hungry

Samantha Jones Associate Director, Events Management
Phone: 403-218-5531

The Mustard Seed Calgary

Brittany Vine Community Engagement Manager
Phone: 587-349-9491


About Bankview Apartments

KAIROS Calgary, The Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) and CUPS Calgary have partnered to help families at risk of or experiencing homelessness as they are re-housed with supports at Bankview Apartments through the A Place to Call Home campaign. Bankview is a 26 unit building that provides permanent supported housing for families and individuals.

KAIROS and the other partners are fundraising through Coldest Night to pay off the mortgage. This ensures that tenant rents will remain low and affordable in perpetuity, giving the residents a chance to settle into their home and start working on any challenges they may have.

KAIROS Calgary brings together 10 Christian denominations and about 130 congregations in the largest ecumenical effort that we know of in Canada to help families at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

The Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) is implementing Calgary's Plan to End Homelessness in collaboration with non-profit agencies, businesses, governments, the faith community, and all Calgarians. The goal is to develop a more effective homeless-serving system that will end homelessness.

CUPS Calgary is a non-profit organization using integrated health care, education and housing services to empower people to overcome the challenges of poverty and reach their full potential.

About Feed the Hungry

If Sunday dinner is a tradition in your home, or if you have fond memories of special Sunday dinners around the table with family, imagine if all of that was stripped away and Sunday was just another day of searching for food and shelter.

At Feed the Hungry, we offer a family-style, sit down dinner each Sunday in an atmosphere of community, warmth, dignity, safety and respect. We intentionally strive to re-create that environment many of us remember so fondly.

Many of our guests come to us after walking through harsh weather conditions. By participating in Coldest Night of the Year, we invite you to not only help us raise funds to operate our program, but also to experience a small taste of what it means to experience homelessness during Calgary's often brutally cold winter nights.

Walk with us on February 25, 2017. And remember, it's cold out there.

About The Mustard Seed Calgary


Adults experiencing poverty and homelessness have their basic needs met, are growing hope and are supported toward sustainable life change and integration into the broader community.


To build hope and wellbeing for our most vulnerable citizens through Jesus’ love.


Calgary Maps

All routes are generously marked with bright WALK signage, staffed by friendly volunteers, and include rest stops with snacks along the way.

2kmView + print!

Ideal for families with small children, this mini walk takes you over two of the Bow River's scenic downtown bridges and back to a post event meal at Eau Claire.

5kmView + print!

A leisurel along the Bow River Pathway to the East Village with a coffee station near St. Patrick's Island

10kmView + print!

A walk along the Bow River Pathways and through the downtown core past some agencies serving the homeless in Calgary

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